Gospel Mp3 + Video: Titus - Wonder

Titus - Wonder Mp3 Download
Talented singer, "Titus" unleash his long awaited single titled “Wonder”; his debut for the year.

Prior to this, we predicted that "Titus" will be taking the industry by storm this year.

Listen & Enjoy!!

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Every time I wonder wonder wonder wonder
Everyday you make me wonder wonder wonder
I don't worry cus my battle has been conquered
Oh praise him God has make us the winner,
Please hail

'Elohim, Wonderful king'
'Elohim, Wonderful king'
'Elohim, Wonderful king'
Hail him
'Elohim, Wonderful king'

You're my God, You're my king
You're the maker, the one who rule the kings
You never change, you're the same
You remain the same till eternity
Anywhere I go 'blessings follow me'
Even in battle 'I am victory'
Oh hail the king, all hail thy king
All hail thy king for what he has done

He has chosen me, I will sing his song
His spirit move when you sing his song
Our God alone you are always alright
If you believe join sing his song
Praise thy lord 'oh o oh'
Praise his name 'hay a ah'
Will you dance 'oh o oh'
Praising him 'ooh yes'
Look at me 'oh o oh'
My time is this 'hay a ah''
We will dance to praise his name


There's no regret when you put your trust in God
Brother come 'n see the things you looking for
Heavens and the earth they're the beauty of his word
God is bigger than anyone ever thought.


Ooooooh hooo oh o oh
'You make me wonder'
Yeaaaaah haaaa hay a ah
'You're God of wonders'. (3X)

You make me wonder
You're God of wonders.

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